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Site Admin

Number of posts : 74
Age : 33
Location : Maldives
Mig33 User Name : stelony
Registration date : 2008-05-30

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Post by stelony on 19th August 2008, 20:18

1. This is a forum, not a chatroom - Monosyllabic replies such as "yes bro," "thanks," "you're right," etc. and smileys will be deleted.

2. This board uses the English language only - All users must use English language only on all sections of the forum.

3. Single account only - Only one account per person is permitted.

4. Disrespect towards Moderators and Administrators will result in immediate banning.

5. Refrain from using any vulgar language that would offend someone else. Personal comments targeting individual users will be deleted. Inappropriate words will be edited.

6. Any personal grievances against any of the members, or vistors should never be posted in this forum as there are other venues to do so.

7. Be careful when posting your topics. Any undertones such as political or religious ideals are strictly prohibited and will be deleted.

8. Post in correct section.

9. Do not flood - Multiposting will be considered as spamming and will get your account banned or deleted.

10. Double-post of the same message or comment in different sections of the forum just to get more posts wont be tolerated.

11. Always use the SEARCH button before opening a topic or asking a question as it might be already posted in the forum. Such topics will be locked or deleted.

12. Do not post a link to your site, link to your business, or contact information. Don't use the forum to promote your websites. Links to similar websites are not allowed in the signature. PM spamming will get you banned without warning.

13. Contents related to sales or selling of any product without the administrator's consent will be deleted. Using the forum to earn points from other sites will result to immediate banning.

14. Keep signature image size low to make our site loads faster.

15. If any old member breaks a rule, NO leniency will be shown. Older members are expected to act as role models for new comers, and hence expected to follow all forum rules.

16. Discussion about techniques in flooding, hanging, or freezing is not allowed. Kicking maybe allowed like mig33 admins are kicking bad guys to protect chatters.

How to become a mig33maldives staff
Do not ask for a promotion to become Moderator, Technician
If we think you are doing great and we need more staffs, we will invite you.

Our existing members who are against these forums rules can notify the Site Administrator to get their accounts deleted.

Your site Administrator are
angel-lyn & spidy_007. Please contact them for any problems/suggestions regarding the Forum/Web site at contact thru PM.

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