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Mig33 User Name : stelony
Registration date : 2008-05-30

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Post by stelony on 3rd June 2008, 21:49

Who is an admin?

An admin is a special mig33 user appointed by the mig33 team to maintain order and harmony in the chatrooms for peacefull chatting.

According to mig33 users, who is:


A good admin is an admin who :

- Always answers my pvt in time and ignores all other people who want help from him

- Always comes to help me in the room even if he is very busy thus ignoring other cries for help

- Always kicks my enemies and even bans their ids and spares my friends even if he found them flooding and slanging
- Helped my get my banned id back.
- Always spares me if he randomly enters the room and finds me flooding or slanging
- Always kicks the enemy in the room even if i lied to the admin that my enemy was flooding
- Added my id without consent from him.
- Did all of the above for me so i will ask all my friends to go to the forum and vote him as the best admin ever.


A bad admin is an admin who :

- Never answers my pvt even though i know he is busy with hundreds of pvts of people asking him for help, though i know i do not have an emergency.
- Never kicks my enemies and never bans their ids.
- Found me flooding and slanging in the room and kicked me.
- Banned my id yet i had bought 100aud into it to use for multi kicking.
- Blocked my id when i added him :? yet i never asked for his permission
- Always seems to be helping my enemies
- who is never online when i need him to kick my enemies, i don't care regardless of whether he has a life out of mig but i need him right now to kick my enemy
- Did all of the above and so I will start 1000 email addresses and email to mig to complain how bad he/she is an admin so he/she get demoted

Would any1 like to add to the above??


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Location : :: Indonesia ::
Job/hobbies : :: chatter ::
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default Re: Good Admin Bad Admin

Post by cpd on 14th June 2008, 10:02

all things have bad and good side Razz

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