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Merchant Updates

julio stromae
julio stromae

Number of posts : 2
Age : 24
Location : mozambican
Mig33 User Name : lil_stromae
Registration date : 2011-07-15

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Post by julio stromae on 16th July 2011, 12:58

Hi friends,

As a very curious person, i tend to get hold of very interesting topics and explore! 1 topic that really intrigues me is the Merchant Program that Mig has recently introduced.

I have attended many merchant meetings and have seen how Mig team is playing with merchants! With the introduction of their point system where by a merchant has to have a minimum of 90 points to maintain his colour at the end of the day Staff have ensured that merchants will not only earn but will have to spend their money too!

This Point system works as :
Send 15 gifts : 1 point
tag 3 users : 1 point
play 10 games :1 point

Here you see to tag a merchant has to spend minimum 0.10 cents per person. Or to do any of the above he has to spend money! to get that 90 point mark! It does not matter how much credit you have sold during the month as long as you have hit the 90 point mark you can retain your colour otherwise it is washed off.

Gaining 90 points was very easy before as 10 recieved gifts =1 point but that too has been changed!

Another update by staff was that any user can become merchant if he pays 50usd...this was welcomed by many users as it was finally showing that staff are there to help users establish their business but alas today that too has been updated to a silly rule!
If you buy 50usd credit you get 20 %
Buy 70 usd get 40%
Now where is the fairness here? How can a merchant effectively compete with other merchants? When you see the rate being offered differs?

Some merchants really take their merchant ship as a means of earning do you think it is fair that they must spend to maintain their rank? Staff are always saying ''we want our merchants to buy Rolex watches, go to Foreign locations for the best holidays, get the guitar you always wanted ...buy a ferrari ...all this by Mig merchantship Will a user become a millionaire if staff keep implementing these funny rules whereby merchants are losing at the end of the day?

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