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    how to become room adminisrrator

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    default how to become room adminisrrator

    Post by stelony on 19th May 2010, 16:16

    If you would like to become mig33 room administrator, then you have to send the Application to admin@mig33.com. In your e-mail you may explain why you would like to be a Administrator, and some information about yourself. And also you can include the following information.

    1. Full Real Name
    2. Age
    3. Sex
    4. Location
    5. Race
    6. mig33 Username
    7. Mobile Number(s)
    8. Email Address
    9. Hobbies & Misc
    10. Language literacy

    The following part is extracted from mig33 official blog since it will helpful for those who likes to become mig33 chat room admins.

    http://blog.mig33.com wrote: We appoint new mig33 Admins only as the need arise for management of the community. It is an occasional process.

    If we need to select an mig33 Admin, the process usually based on where geographically we need the person to be based, their ability to act as a monitor to the community as a whole (it is a significant time requirement) and their capabilities in helping monitor the community. It is not based on popularity or “importance” in the community, though having a deep understanding of mig33 is vital.

    If you are interested, please send and email to
    admin@mig33.com. Just include your name, country, migLevel, and the 3 rooms you visit most often. Please do not include any other information, as no other information will be considered as part of the initial application process.

    We will keep your name on a list, and if a new mig33 Admin is required that fits your profile, then we will follow up with more detailed application process. However, please do not expect that you will be contacted, as we have only the occasional need for a new admin among our millions of active members.

    Rules the administrator is bound by:
    The user must not:
    1. Have a history of abusing mig33
    2. Transacted a fraudulent credit card in mig33
    3. Be affiliate with a ring of users in mig33 that steal money
    4. Have a bad behavior track record in mig33 that cannot be rectified
    5. Be affiliated with a competitor company
    6. A user already banned in the system
    7. User must be with mig33 for more than 6 months

    An Administrator may be demoted if any of the following rules is broken:
    1. Ban users recklessly or without reason
    2. Spread profanity in chat rooms
    3. Encourage bad behavior in chat rooms
    4. User is biased in chat rooms
    5. The administrator's behavior is detrimental to the company and or its clients



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